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Far from being an exclusively spiritual practice, meditation can have a huge effect on our emotional states, stress levels, clarity of mind and relationships with others. It can make for a very useful tool to help on those occasions when we need to clear the mind or calm the nerves. 

Every Tuesday 12pm - 1pm

Discover how permaculture can enhance many aspects of your life, not just your garden. Learn to work with nature, acquiring tools for change in a changing world. Move from concern to action, creating resilient homes, gardens and communities.

4 long weekends April - August 2024

BREATHE ALFOXTON with Christopher Gladwell

Join leading Breathwork teacher Christopher Gladwell to embark on a transformative journey through breathwork techniques that merge scientific understanding with traditional wisdom. We will delve into the profound connection between breathwork and the teachings of Buddha. Discover transformative practices to deepen presence, actualise potential, and foster inner peace. Take home practical tools to sustain growth and embrace life's full potential.

14 July 2024

Family Constellations with Lucy Ascham

Using the ground-breaking methodology of Family Constellations, we can disentangle ourselves from life-long patters and look at our heart’s desire, by getting it out into a shared space and seeing all the people and elements which relate to it.

12 & 13 October 2024

Mindful Communication with Jayaraja

Join Jayaraja to explore the skills and principles of Mindful Communication. Learn how to live with greater warmth, authenticity and integrity. How to stay in touch with your needs and values in turbulent and tricky times. How to increase confidence and compassion in your interactions with yourself and others.

19 October 2024