Join us as we take you on a journey through the vibrant life, community and ever-changing seasons of Alfoxton Park. From our ongoing renovations to inspiring art, poetry and conversations, from serene retreats to soulful songs, and from deep nature connections to the breath-taking beauty of seasonal changes, our video series offers a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of experiences that make Alfoxton Park truly special. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Alfoxton Park. 

Summer 2024

Listen to Tree by Tree (The Alfoxton Song), an original song composed and sung by Hartley Woolf featuring Hannah Bloomfield & Harriet Yale.

Spring 2024

What does attachment mean to you? We asked our Alfoxton community and were surprised by the range and variety of answers! We explore its various aspects through these deep and engaging conversations.

Autumn 2023

In this episode, the leaves are turning; we've been harvesting and preserving our produce; and there's been a changing of the guard as Indrabodhi steps down from his role as Project Manager and hands over to Jayaketu.

June 2023

This episode features mindful art, Alfoxton's first comic book, the building of a dry stone wall, creation of a Alfoxton zine for Buddhafield, and more.

April 2023

This episode features birds of prey with nature connection teacher Dr Karen Stead- Dexter, Dan creating shutters for the windows, Poet Pete the Temp reading from Wordsworth's To My Sister and Brixton Buddhist Community's Sangha retreat.

March 2023

This episode features a reading from Dorothy Wordsworth's journal by Hannah, a performance of the Engima of Elgar played on the piano by Michael Lunts, a tree planting and nature connection retreat, a Gamelan workshop with Isis Wolf -Light and more.

February 2023

This episode includes a reading from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Frost at midnight, Dan's preparation of wood for the sauna, Hannah creating a carved latch for the walled garden, and a Mitra ceremony.

Alfoxton Park House is a big old mansion set in 50 acres of ancient woodland. The house itself is being renovated, and we are currently functioning as both a building site and a retreat space. This has been the basis on which a thriving and diverse community has been built, with the multiple purposes of renovating the buildings, nurturing the gardens and land, and hosting retreats, workshops and cultural events