Weekend workshop

 12 and 13 October 2024

If you are ready to put down some of your burdens and get disentangled from life-long patterns that don’t serve you anymore, then this workshop is for you.

In order to be born, you need a total of 2,046 ancestors over the past 10 generations.

Think for a moment: How many struggles, how many battles, how much sadness and happiness, how many love stories, how many expressions of hope for the future did your ancestors have to undergo for you to exist in this present moment?

Using the ground-breaking methodology of Family Constellations, we can look at our heart’s desire and get it out into a shared space in order to really see all the people and elements which relate to it.

Over the weekend people will volunteer to explore some of their family history, and what it is they are longing for. You don’t need to know exactly; that can emerge from the conversation. Lucy will guide your every step. No previous experience is required.

Using members of the group as stand-ins - for example as a parent, country, significant event or other element - we can get incredible insights into what gets in the way of your life being as you'd like it to be. We may see where the blockages are. New patterns may become visible and an inner movement can emerge that seemed impossible before.

Being together with a group for a weekend builds a sense of belonging, trust and safety to do some deep work together. We work with our heart and our body. Being able to report your bodily sensations when asked is all that is needed.

The workshop leader, Lucy Ascham, has been to Alfoxton numerous times to run this and similar workshops, all of which have been very well attended and successful.

“The tears flow as I feel what is happening, and after some time there is a shift, and the vision of my Dad in the constellation saying “I see you” is there. It was so powerful that the tears changed to those of joy, gratitude, love and compassion FOR ME.”

- Jo C.

"A really important part for me in this process was the sense of offering myself and my body in service to another’s healing process. You can feel so deeply connected to humanity and all its complexities. By giving permission to enter another’s constellation you also enter another aspect of yourself. So powerful.”

- Julia


10.30am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday.

Please bring vegetarian lunch to share. Those staying the night with us may make an extra donation for a cooked dinner.



Lucy is a healer, teacher and facilitator, and lover of being embodied as she walks in the woods in Sheffield, swims in cold water or sits quietly with a cup of tea. Lucy has been working with individuals and group workshops, taking people from pain towards freedom for over 2 decades. She has been a teacher of Alexander Technique since 2003, a Family & Systemic Constellations Facilitator since 2019, and an ongoing student of Sarah Peyton’s Resonant Language.

Lucy loves being able to help facilitate a deeper and kinder look at what people carry in their body, nervous system and soul. Supporting people to see and accept a little more of the truth they carry helps them integrate their experiences, for more choice and ease in the world. She has a light touch while being able to hold a safe space for deep work.

Travel, Accommodation, Food


The nearest railway stations are Bridgwater and Taunton. We are about 1h 15min from Bristol by car. 

The 15 bus leaves Bridgwater at 16:50 during college term dates and stops at the Plough Inn in Holford. We are a 15min walk from there.

Please get in touch for further advice with public transport, or for help arranging lifts / carpools.

Make sure to put "Coach House 2, Alfoxton Park" into Google Maps. Other variations will take you to Alfoxton House nearby which is not us. Otherwise use grid reference 51.165187, -3.220080.

The What3Words for our car park are ///soup.candy.huddling


If you wish to stay overnight, please bring a tent or live-in vehicle. Toilets, showers and a sauna are available. 


Please bring vegetarian lunch to share each day. Those staying the night with us may make an extra donation for a cooked dinner.

accessibility & diets

We are committed to Alfoxton being a fully accessible venue and are working hard to achieve this. However, while the renovation work continues, visitors with specific mobility or accommodation needs may experience barriers to accessing all areas of the building and land.

If you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch, and please inform us of any significant dietary or accessibility requirements before submitting your booking request.


Alfoxton Park is a charity and works on the principle of Dana or a 'gift' economy. Read more about Dana here.

A £33 deposit will secure your place. You will be invited to make a donation to Alfoxton when you attend.

technology, alcohol and drugs

All of our events are alcohol and drug free. During the meditation retreats we ask you to turn off your mobile phones and other devices and not contact people outside of the retreat. For all other events and workshops we ask you to be mindful of the use of devices and stay present, in order to make the most of your time here.

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